Weddings are so beautiful.

Two people who love each other profess their undying devotion to one another in front of friends and family. There are few things more pure than that special moment.

Until you make it disgusting with this old, tired wedding tradition.

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So, what's the bizarre wedding tradition that's still happening in Idaho weddings in 2024? That's right, the garter removal.

If you're not familiar, we'll break it down.

  • The groom pretty much entirely disappears under the bride's dress, in front of all their guests, to ruffle around until he reappears with the garter from her leg in hand.

It's just so...weird.

Yes, we know there's a reason this is a tradition. It's not a new thing:

The act of the groom removing the garter from the bride's leg during the reception represents the consummation of their union, though modern interpretations now view the garter toss as a fun activity for wedding guests to get involved in.

No matter how many coats of paint you slap on the thing, it's still just a weird moment.

Everyone is enjoying their fancy meal. They're all dressed to the nines. And then groom gets handsy with his new bride in front of grandma and now all hell is breaking loose.

Maybe it's time we move on traditions for Idaho weddings?

Maybe we throw potatoes after the bride and groom say "I do?" That somehow still feels less weird and awkward than the garterl removal.


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