Western Idaho Fair

Fair Prices and Attractions Here
We just finished up with the Canyon Country Fair, Caldwell Night Rodeo ends on Sunday and it's time for the Western Idaho Fair! We have the details, concert line-up and a new app for you to follow. Grab your girls and let's go get an Ice Cream Potatoe!
The Idaho Fair Bear Roars
Have you seen the slithery snake video? Check out the Idaho Fair Bear as he recreates the famous snake in a miraculous way. This is must see.
My Emotional Goldfish Story
The Western Idaho Fair is almost here and we have your free passes all week. This is my official 'gangsta lean' story about my late, late goldfish.
Borah Choir is Real LIfe Glee
The Borah High School choir took something old and made it new again. It was kind of like watching GLEE where students born almost 20 years after their prime, performed with an 80's rock band to make the night interesting for all ages.

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