The Idaho Youtube Challenge
Do you have what it takes to tackle the Gem State's most laborious Youtube challenge?
Youtuber Bigrig Travels drove on I-84 from Utah to Idaho, and filmed the entire journey. Yes you read that right. We're not making this up.
Question is, can you ride along for over an hour as the truck driv…
Mijo's Best Of Youtube Thursday
Every Thursday I will be posting what I think is an exceptional video from YouTube. It may be motivational, humorous, weird, or just plain cool.
Mijo's Top 5 Youtube List
As we inch forward to the end of 2015 many flashbacks and rewinds are going to be happening. Daniel Kim created his Pop Danthology 1 & 2, DJ Earworm put together his 2015 Mix and YouTube even made their own video recapping this past year and their Tenth Anniversary.
2015 Music Remixed Together
As you may have caught on by now, I am a YouTube enthusiast and spend a lot of my time finding artists and watching movie making techniques.
Truth Or Drink: Exes Edition
Have you ever wanted to ask you ex questions and get the truth out of them. Why did we break up? Do you think we could work again? What do you miss most?  Well the awesome people over at Cut Video put together one of their awesome Truth or Drink videos...
Truth or Drink: Parents Vs. Children
There is this new youtube channel called CutVideo which has been releasing some pretty risque yet funny videos. They have been around since October of 2014 and have been pushing the limits of their videos ever since.
Real Life Friday The 13th Prank
If a man wearing a mask, holding a machete popped out of a random body of water, what would you do? Laugh, Run away screaming! This prank is brilliant!

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