There are themed rooms, party rooms with all Boise State decor and suites so posh you would likely find a celebrity staying the night. Shhh... if you hear of a celeb in town, you'll likely find them there. Book a room and just casually run into them in the hallway. 

Boise Music Festival is coming up and FloRida is going to need a place to stay. He's not going to stay in just any ol' hotel. He's gotta stay in the romance suite or the spa room with a view of the park.

We happened to convince a friend of ours to give us a tour of the new Inn at 500. We thought it would be just a typical hotel that was nice.



Nope. It's all of our dreams wrapped up into a tall building. There are themed rooms from the Zoo Boise room, bicycle room, Boise State room, dog-friendly (and themed) room and more. As you arrive at each floor, the elevator doors open to reveal a mural covering the entire wall in front of you. Most art is done by local artists, the glass that covers the lights in the lobby and each hallway is from Boise Art Glass and the drinks in the lobby are free. We're talking about beer from Payette, soda and water.

We have massive decor envy right now and are trying to find an excuse to book a hotel room.

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