Every morning l wake up the house feels a little bit cooler than the previous day. Summer is definitely gone and fall is slowly setting in. The leaves are turning and I can't help but think of what happens next... Winter... a.k.a. snow boarding season! Bogus is the move during the week and after work but when it comes to the weekend I've always headed up north to Brundage and Tamarack. Honestly, I like the runs at tamarack a lot better but I've never understood why such a gorgeous community lacks simple amenities such as a variety of restaurants. In the past I've gone to Brundage about 5 more times than I have to Tamarack for that specific reason. After a fun or frustrating day on the hill it's so easy to head into McCall and choose from several good restaurants. Apparently someone at Tamarack finally figured it out because Tamarack is about to get 5 times better. According to ktvb Tamarack is adding five new restaurants in the Village at Tamarack.

The Alpine Grill, Pizza, Summit Bowls, and the Tilted Taco will all be housed in a new food hall. Additionally a new upscale stand-alone Italian restaurant called The Reserve will also be available for guest.

“Expanding the breadth of dining options in the Village at Tamarack has been one of our team’s top priorities from day one,” said Scott Turlington, president of Tamarack Resort in a ktvb interview . “We are thrilled to offer our guests and homeowners a variety of casual and upscale options meeting any preference or dietary need.”

Bring on the powder, Tamarack is where you will find me this season.

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