It doesn't matter if you're a skier, snowboarder or mountain biker. Tamarack resort is stepping up and giving back to the community in a big way. Wednesday the resort announced what they call the SKY (Students-Kids-Youth) Pass. What is it? It's a free ticket that will give Valley County and New Meadows students as well as homeschooled kids in those same districts year-round lift access, as long as they're in grades K-12. The only requirement is that the students primary residence is in Valley County or in the New Meadows school districts.

"The students in our valley represent the future of this community and Idaho," said Tamarack President Scott Turlington. "As they dream and work toward what they want to be when they grow up, we hope the experiences and memories made on our mountain help shape who they become. This is an opportunity of [a] lifetime that could lead to a lifetime of opportunities."

The SKY pass is a collaboration that involved the superintendents of the Cascade, McCall-Donnelly and Meadows Valley School Districts as well as some area non-profits and private schools.

"This is the type of opportunity we've wanted to provide our kids for a long time—a chance to learn and love lifetime sports like skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking," Cascade Superintendent Jeff Blaser shared. "We're thrilled with how this will strengthen our community and look forward to working with Tamarack to get our kids to the mountain."

My hat is off to the people at Tamarack resort. To all who read this I hope you take this into consideration the next time you are deciding where to ski, snowboard or mountain bike. #TakeCareOfThoseWhoTakeCareOfYou


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