When I read that the city of Boise had announced it was appointing a Corona virus task force I thought to myself... Well it looks like things just got real. What do they know that they're not telling us and how soon before there is widespread pandemonium in the streets? Before anyone freaks out and runs out back to pull the big red switch let's start with some positive news. According to ktvb here are some facts:

The majority of people who have coronavirus will get better without any long-term effects, according to an Oregon doctor. About 82% of cases tend to be mild. In these cases, symptoms diminish over five to seven days, although people are still capable of transmitting the disease. But there are many people with a higher risk of having a more severe disease if they are diagnosed with coronavirus, including those with heart disease, diabetes, asthma and other vascular disease problems.

You should also know that as of today there are NO confirmed cases in Idaho. Thirty six people have been monitored but 27 of them are no longer being watched. Quick math says 9 people are still of interest but again... No confirmed cases in Idaho.

So whats the task force all about? The Mayor told ktvb that their main focus is to "Coordinate with local and state agencies to prepare for a potential outbreak in Idaho".



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