From the age of 3, I danced. I made my way through my awkward years doing jazz and hip hop. I wasn't afraid of spandex and was most comfortable with my hair up and horrible makeup on. Coming this February, those days are back - just less awkward but also less talented. 

Someone somewhere felt it was a good idea to actually listen to me when I said I would love to dance again. That someone is in charge of Treasure Valley Dancing with the Stars.

Tawsha Dance Team

It's been a few years since I danced in high school so I have no idea if I even know how to do a routine. Sure, I can throw back a few drinks and think I'm the most amazing person at the club but when I actually have to actually take life seriously and do a routine as a fundraiser...I'm terrified.

That said, wanna come watch?

Tickets can be purchased HERE. 12 and under are free and students get a discounted ticket.

My first practice is this Thursday at Boise State. I'll keep you posted on whether or not my competitive side wins over my talent side of things.

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