I make no secret of my soft spot for teachers. Some of my very best friends either are or were teachers and it takes a certain type of person to enter the field. On top of that, several, if not all, of my biggest role models growing up--at all different phases of my life--were educators. I was lucky enough as a kid to have some really fantastic educators that taught MORE than what's in the textbook.  I suppose a shout out could be in order to a couple of local schools, St. Paul's in Nampa and Bishop Kelly in Boise, for playing such a large role in developing me into the critical thinking individual I am today.

This said, if you have a teacher-friend of you're a teacher yourself-- I hope that you will take advantage of this 15% Savings offer from Target.

Unfortunately, our teachers simply aren't paid enough. Additionally, it's on each individual teacher to decorate their rooms and make them a place that is inspiring for students to learn in. This is NOT cheap.

Target, July 13th through 20th, is offering this 15% savings on school supplies, classroom storage and organization, Pillowfort furniture, food storage bags, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, and MORE-- all of these classroom essentials. All you need to do is verify you're a teacher and they'll email you a coupon for 15% OFF.

To verify yourself and be ready for next week, click HERE.

Happy savings and teachers--THANK YOU for what you do.

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