What has been a technological capability in Ada County for some time now, is new and available in Canyon County. Residents in Canyon County can now TEXT 911 in the instance of an emergency.

These days, everyone has a cell phone on them. If something happens, funny, serious, tragic or otherwise--it only takes a matter of minutes for photo or video footage to surface. This of course, is simply because of how advanced our phones are now.

When an emergency strikes, we have known since childhood that the first thing you do is dial 911. Well, "the wheel" is getting re-invented in a sense.

Now available via the Canyon County Sheriff's Office and the City of Nampa dispatch center, texting service is just another way that residents can contact emergency services. Be it crime, fire, or even health emergencies.

According to the Canyon County Sheriff's Office, CALLING 911 is still the preferred method of contact, however in instances where texting is more feasible, it is now possible.

Just days after a tragic event struck our town at the Boise Towne Square Mall, now more than ever citizens are looking for extra ways to be safe--with texting capabilities, victims are now armed with a way to silently contact police, fire, and medical help.

While the technology is advanced--dispatchers understanding of "slang" may not be. Using abbreviated terms like "ICYMI" or "STFU" are not ideal--just use plain language. It is important to note that at this time, texting 911 is only available in English--and we hope that soon this will be expanded to more accurately reflect our population.

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