It's almost here-- the biggest show of the summer to hit the Treasure Valley: Boise Music Festival.

It's taking over Expo Idaho on June 22nd and will feature some of the biggest names in music: Dustin Lynch, Jason Derulo, The Sugar Hill Gang and more!

So you're planning on going and you want to go for free. By now, you've certainly heard that an entire list of local businesses have been holding free ticket events where you can land yours, free of charge.

As the show gets closer, however, these ticket stops are only going to get busier and busier. So, we're declaring the following 'rules', unofficially, ahead of some of the free ticket mania.

Rule 1: Be Patient!  Listen, we're glad that you're coming to get free tickets to the show but let's be honest--you've procrastinated. Now, the show is a week away and thousands of other folks need tickets. You may have to wait.

Rule 2: Be Kind!  We're working hard to get you tickets--and we're doing so in the most fair ways possible. Please don't yell at us because you "need them right now" or because "your sister can't make it here".

Rule 3: USE the tickets! We'd rather you not try to sell tickets that we work to get into your hands, for free. There's something to be said about 'paying it forward'--and this show is for the community.

Rule 4: Don't Be Greedy! We're happy to give you a pair of tickets. No, we can't give you more than a pair. No, there won't be 'extras at the end'. We need to spread the love!

Rule #5: Have a blast! BMF is supposed to be about fun, not rules. ENJOY YOURSELF!

Ready to land your tickets to Boise Music Festival for free!? We have plenty to give away and lots of ticket stops coming up that will get you into the show of the summer! Plan ahed--because it's crunch time! Here's a list of ticket stops organized by date and time--find one convenient for you! 

Win Your Tickets to Boise Music Festival for Free: Times & Places!

Follow out constantly updated list of FREE Boise Music Festival ticket stops, below!

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

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