There are camping spots still open for the 4th of July. Some even include a view of your own fireworks show. Shhh...don't reveal the secret. 


Many people have Monday off of work and have to go back on Wednesday. They will likely camp through the weekend but return home (here) for the actual holiday. This clears up some camp sites if you're planning to spend the actual 4th out in the woods.


  1.  BEAR LAKE STATE PARK - Spots are on a first-come, first-served basis. There are a lot of free outdoor activities available.
  2. BRUNEAU DUNES STATE PARK - Just above small lakes in the high desert south of Mountain Home. You can ride the dunes!
  3. CASTLE ROCKS STATE PARK - The campground is less than two miles from the visitor center and services in Almo and nearby City of Rocks National Reserve.
  4. CITY OF ROCK NATIONAL RESERVE - Not only is there camping but there's also horseback riding, rock climbing and more.
  5. DWORSHAK STATE PARK - At this campsite, it's a first-come, first-serve reservation location and it's also waterfront.
  6. FARRAGUT STATE PARK - All outdoor activities are open.
  7. HARRIMAN STATE PARK - Friends, this is a wildlife refuge AND has one of the best fly-fishing streams in the nation.
  8. HELLS GATE STATE PARK - Near downtown Lewiston, this campground offers large sites with shade. Shade, people! This is what we need!

For an entire list, a link of how to book and all amenities, click HERE.

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