We can all agree by now that not all water tastes the same. For example, Dasani tastes gross. That's just my opinion but compare Dasani to literally any other brand and you'll notice that there's a more "mineral" taste to it.

There are legit reasons why not all water tastes the same. The water that we drink is not pure H2O. In fact, the purest form of water is unfit for human consumption. The H2O which we consume includes minerals from aquifers and rocks and other elements from wherever the water is sourced from. All of these different minerals and elements play into effect causing a noticeable difference for our taste buds.

So which bottled water - depending on how and where it's sourced - tastes the BEST? Well, that's obviously subjective. We can fairly say though based on numerous internet reviews, personal observation, and a corporate commitment to conserving the planet, Idaho's Proud Source water is up there in the ranks.

If you're not familiar with the brand, Proud Source was locally launched in Idaho. The company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by ensuring that its operations leverage energy-efficient methods. The brand also prides itself on only bottling water that is Alkaline Spring water from a protected source.

"The source of our water lies deep within the earth’s granite crust shaped by the Yellowstone super-volcano caldera. Our aquifer is situated between a field of powerful active faults that apply tremendous pressure to the water forcing it up through fissures in the granite. As the water makes its journey through these layers of rock, minerals naturally cling to creating the unique alkaline characteristic."

Sounds pretty good to me! Take it from others though. Here's a recent review on Amazon:

"We've tried bottled waters from all over the world, but find that this one has the best taste and stays cool the longest in its bottle. Before Proud Source, I considered all bottled spring waters essentially the same. No more. I don't take substitutions..."

Proud Source Water can be found at Albertsons, Rite Aid, and Whole Foods.

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