I absolutely love baked goods but I have an affinity for Pan Dulce ( Mexican sweet bread ). As a kid I remember hanging out in the kitchen when my mom was baking just so that I could lick the cake batter bowls and then be the first to taste the fresh baked cake. My favorite was when she would make cakes that we're of a specific design because that meant that she would cut excess of the cake in order to get a the desired shape. As a result I would end up eating a bunch of cake way before the final product was done. Fast forward 25 years and I still never pass up the opportunity to stop by a Panaderia to pickup my favorite dessert. As you can imagine I've tried quite a bit of Mexican Bakery's along the way and today I want to share my two favorites.

In Boise the move is always El Rico Pan #2 at 5220 Fairview Ave, Boise. The original is in Caldwell.

Check out this Yelp review. "The best part is that this panaderia is located in the parking lot of Carniceria Coalcoman. You can get your fill and do some take-home as well.

When starting El Rico Pan #2  Alberto Contreras Jr., owner of Carniceria Coalcoman, located at the back of a strip mall behind the bakery hired baker Audel "Lito" Chavez, a family friend from California. Chavez grew up in Coalcoman, Mexico, a small town in the Sierra Madre Mountains, the same town where Contreras' dad, Alberto Contreras Sr., who helps runs the family store, came from."

If that doesn't scream authentic I don't know what does? El Rico pan has a great variety and very consistent product. all the classics and some random fun pieces of pan that will make you say "wow".

On the weekend or when I'm in Nampa my go to is the very next level "Nueva Vida Bakery " at 1424 2nd S. St Nampa, ID 83651. I say this bakery is next level because EVERY piece of pan I've consumed from this place has been impressive. Notice that I'm not giving you history on this bakery to justify it's quality. The only justification it needs is that the bread sells out mostly everyday and on weekends if you don't show up by noon, you're out of luck. 

If you love baked goods and want to try the best Pan dulce in the Treasure Valley try one or both of these spots. Your taste buds will thank you.


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