UPDATE: Added Dates for events below


I scream you scream, we all scream for ice cream 🍦I'm sorry for the cheesy phrase but I had to drop that line! Who cares right? There is an ice cream event that sprinkles itself in Downtown Boise and you might think of adding to your calendar.

I'm beginning to think there is a festival for anything but why didn't I think of this first. The Boise Ice Cream Festival is coming this May just in time to scoop your way into Summer ☀️

My wife is from Oakley, Idaho and on my way out I'm always stopping by Dairy Queen in Burley. They have all these old photos from when ice cream was like a 29 cents for a banana split. That was well before I was born in 1967 and there wasn't a competition. If you wanted ice cream then you went to DQ.

Today it's different. The DQ is still a force but everyone is selling ice cream and yogurt in 2019. This is what opens the door for an Ice Cream Festival with a twist. This event isn't just about how many scoops you want. The ICF is almost like an ice cream fort?

Here's a look at the events listed so far and more to be added. My friend Diana from Boisebucketlist.com will also be hosted events and she's ecstatic!

I've known Scott for some time, and it's incredible to see him bring a festival of this kind to Boise. He's passionate about supporting the local food scene & he's bringing this passion to life by serving the community-at-large. I am happy to be a supporter in any way possible.


Here's a list of events that have been announced as of now

  • May 28: Mommy Morning - Ice Cream and Waffle Cone Making
  • May 28: Chef Inspired Event - Richard's
  • May 28: Waffles a la Mode Trio: Waffle Me Up
  • May 28: Chef Inspired: Red Feather Lounge
  • May 28: Chef Inspired Event: The Modern Hotel and Bar
  • May 29: Navigating Summer Treats with Allergies and Dietary Restrictions
  • May 30: Iced Coffees and Affogatos
  • June 1: Boise Farmers Market Mini Sampling
  • June 1: Family Comedy Trolley Tour (with ice cream)
  • June 2: Collaboration: Bacon Restaurant and C4 Creamery
  • June 3, 4: Chef Inspired: Yaha's Brown Bag Apple Pie at the
  • June 3: Fanci Freez retro pricing hours
  • June 4: The History of Ice Cream in Boise
  • June 4: Chef Inspired Event: Petite 4
  • June 5: Westside Drive-In: Famous Idaho Ice Cream Potato only $3.49
  • June 10: Fanci Freez retro pricing hours
  • June 10, 14: Chef Inspired: Chateau des fleurs
  • June 13: Collaboration Over Competition: Gelato making in Nampa!
  • June 15: Pedals and (Ice Cream) Pints
  • June 15: The Grand Tasting with 200 Flavors Session #1
  • June 15: The Grand Tasting with 200 Flavors Session #2
  • June 15: The Grand Tasting with 200 Flavors Session #3