I didn't attend Boise State as a student, but as a Boise native I think it's fair to say Boise State University is definitely a "football school". The program has been amazingly successful, has garnered household name recognition, and of course any college football fan knows about the blue turf.

Yes, Boise State Men's Basketball hit a buzzer beater to break the nations longest home win streak--but they're more than a team that made a lucky shot. They're 8-1 this season.

Having came from a "basketball school" myself, Gonzaga University, maybe I'm just a little bit more passionate about college basketball. But I think a start this great is huge for Boise State's program. Head Coach, Leon Rice (a former assistant at Gonzaga University) has not only kept this program growing a little more each year, but he's reached 150 wins quicker than any head coach in the programs history.

If you haven't made it out to see the basketball team play, you totally should. The environment is always fun for friends and family, too. Who knows, this could be the year the team makes it to the big dance!

For schedule and ticket info, click HERE.

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