The Grammy Awards are the host of some pretty historic performances and the one night when all genres of music come together. You can date back to the killer performances from Adele and Beyonce in 2017 to Kanye West (when he was liked) with Jamie Foxx in 2006 back to Eminem and Elton John in 2001.

I try to date back to all the Grammy Awards Shows that I've seen and this might be the first one with such a social punch. The Kesha performance with stars like Cindy Lauper, Camila Cabello just to name a few was unbelievable. Emotional. Powerful. Impactful. Serious.

These moments also create time for a fashion statement. The red carpet on E begins at like 2 p.m. (or it feels like it) and artists have like three wardrobe changes. You might have noticed a white rose on the piano when Elton John was performing with Miley Cyrus and the all-white dresses to support the #metoo #timesup movements.

Check out the special photo gallery I put together from Getty Images photographers at the Grammy events. There are some candid and never before seen photos.

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