Everyone has a fidget spinner, so why am I getting in trouble for using mine at work?

It started like this: Last week my girlfriend and I traveled to California to go see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. My anxiety gets really bad in airports, so I picked up a fidget spinner to keep myself busy. An ordinary, $4 green fidget spinner.

When we got back to Boise, it started making a whirring sound every time I spun it. No idea why. Don't know if I dropped it, if it's faulty, or what the deal is. So now every time I use it at work, people complain that I'm distracting them. They complain that the toy that keeps me focused is distracting them.

I've never heard of someone getting in trouble for using a fidget spinner. Kids use them at school, at college, people use them at work, yet I'm the one getting a "talking to" for using it in front of other people.

This begs the question, have you ever gotten in trouble due to a fidget spinner? Holler at us on Facebook and let us know.

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