When word broke that Toy's R Us locations were closing their doors, I felt conflicted. On one hand, I do most of my shopping for my daughter on Amazon; I hadn't been in a Toy's R Us for decades. But on the other hand, I had plenty of childhood memories of my mother taking me to the mega toy chain and running up and down the aisles looking for a new toy. Who could forget the song? I don't want to grow up; I'm a Toys R Us kid.

Part of me wanted to share those memories with my daughter, so I decided to take her. Besides, with any going out of business sale comes massive discounts right?

When we pulled up, the first thing I saw was a massive 30% off everything sign. My wife and I decided we could spoil her and purchase a few toys because of the sale.


Unfortunately, I was very disappointed when we got to the store and started shopping around. I hadn't noticed the fine print on the signs that said "up to 30% off" so for most items, the discount ranged from 5%-10% which wasn't what I expected.


Also, the popular toys like Legos and Barbie weren't part of the sale meaning they had zero discount.


Listen, I'm not trying to throw shade at Toy's R US. They apparently are trying to make as much money as they can before they close their doors forever. The discounts may increase closer to their last days in business. It's just my expectations were different. If 5% or 10% off excites you, then, by all means, rush down to Toy's R US like Justin Bieber would if he found out there was a sleepover in the Burger King Ball Pit. Honestly, I just expected a more significant sale. If you plan on visiting before they go out of business, you may be disappointed.

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