This is gross. You've been warned.


There are certain hazards one can expect to encounter whilst driving down a highway in Idaho. Perhaps a stray deer crossing lanes. A random tire sitting idly on the shoulder. That random piece of cardboard that's always flying around when cars drive over it. We've all seen these at least once in our lives, right? No big deal.

Well, this was no ordinary hazard on a highway in the Gem State. No sir. It's way more revolting.

Recently on Highway 51 Grasmere, Idaho, a cleanup crew was required to clear the road. Not of an animal carcass. Not of random debris. Plows had to be called in to...gulp...scoop up thousands of Mormon crickets off the road. Why? Because they cause terrible driving conditions when they're run over and splattered on the road.

A deputy of the Owhyee County Sheriff's Office corroborates that story:

I used to run some cows in Owyhee County, and they (the crickets) were so thick going across the highway, it made a slick spot and like driving on ice, cars would skid cause there were so many crickets.

Ew. Imagine driving down the road when you come upon a gross sticky mess on the pavement only to find out it's a Mormon cricket graveyard of blood, guts, and bug juice.

Even worse? This is a normal thing for Idaho, as well as Utah, Oregon, and Nevada. There goes our super ulta secret escape plan to retire Mormon cricketless in Las Vegas.

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