I just found the first drop-off business that lets you park your kids for some free time. Need a date night but can't find a babysitter? Work emergency and in a bind for your kiddos? A parental timeout?

There is a new place called, Drop 'N' Shop that is now open for business. This is what they call, "Drop in kid care." Sounds good but what's the crazy price look like?

I'm actually pleasantly surprised that you can pay $10 per hour with no appointment. There is no minimum requirement on the number of days like a daycare. This was designed for the person that needs a moment and doesn't have a babysitter. It's exactly what the name say's, "Drop in Kid Care."

Drop 'N' Shop was started by a mom and daughter right here in Idaho with a lifetime of daycare experience. I was doing my research and it seems like they just love kids and thought this would be a great resource for parents that need it.

Do your own research and check out their website, Drop 'N' Shop. It looks like that $10 dollar price is being discounted in the month of February for $5 dollars. Check below for more details.

  • $5 dollar February.
  • Children must be current on immunizations.
  • 5 Hour maximum.
  • Ages 2-12.

Parents are encouraged to stop by and take tours. This is pretty interesting and if you do please send your photos to kekeluv@1035kissfmboise.com and tag us on Instagram. 

  • Drop 'N' Shop
  • 910 West Idaho Street
  • Boise, Idaho
  • 208.336.4000

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