When it comes to traveling in and out of the Treasure Valley and really, in and out of the State of Idaho--the "ease" all depends on where you're going.  Trying to get to the East Coast? Yeah, good luck. Trying to get to California? There's a quick, cheap flight for that. Going overseas? All we can say to that one is... LOL!

Boise's airport is growing and that's a good thing given how quickly the metro is booming, too--but that doesn't mean there isn't a need for more growth.

Do people rally travel between Boise and Salt Lake City that often? It seems like a lovely place! 

The Mayor of Boise, Lauren McLean, is now actively working on a campaign to INCREASE travel options to Salt Lake City and it means growth for Boise and the Treasure Valley.




The effort is real and the public is excited. On any given day, there are at least 5 direct flights to and from Salt Lake City--these aren't always cheap. The 40-minute flight can sometimes be as expensive as $1,000, round trip. The demand is just that high.

Amtrak, which once ran through Boise, hasn't been to town in over 20 years and with President Joe Biden's infrastructure plan, an expanded Amtrak service is now a conversation piece. Mayor McLean wants Boise to be a part of that conversation.

She isn't alone, in fact now the City of Caldwell is chiming in. Their City Council signed a resolution to join the efforts in hopes of expanding service to the Treasure Valley and making a larger city like Salt Lake City, more accessible.

Local tweets like this one are just a sample of the enthusiastic support:





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