Stop what you're doing immediately and read this. If you drive a car, truck, semi truck, motorcycle or any motorized vehicle on Idaho streets and you don't know what the Idaho Stop Law is then you need to continue reading.

Stop and think about your drive too or from work today. Did you see a person riding a bicycle on the street? Just to clarify, I'm not asking if you saw someone riding a bike on the sidewalk. Right now we need to focus on the cyclist that are fully committed and ride in the bike lane or share a lane with the cars in traffic. Now think about how many times you've come to a stop sign and as you should, you've stopped your vehicle only to see a bicycle blow by the stop sign. Let's take it one step further, remember all of those times where you've come to a red light in your car only to sit there and watch a person on a bicycle stop briefly and then blow right past the red light. Both of those scenarios are examples of the not so famous " Idaho stop law".

According to the always reliable wikipedia "The Idaho stop law is the common name for a law that allows cyclists to treat a stop sign as a yield sign, and a red light as a stop sign". This law was first put into effect in 1982 in Idaho but it wasn't until 2017 that Delaware adopted it and then in 2019 Arkansas legalized it.

While this sounds and looks dangerous according to wikipedia "A 2009 study showed a 14.5% decrease in bicyclist injuries after the passage of the original Idaho Stop law.[12][13] A Delaware state-run study of the "Delaware Yield" law (allowing cyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs) reduced injuries at stop-sign controlled intersections by 23%"

So the next time you see a bicyclist yield at a stop sign please refrain from yelling or judging them as they're simply following the "Idaho Stop Law"

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