Just when you thought the Kardashians might give up reality television, it's been reported that the family has re-signed another contract with E! for $150 million that will renew the show through 2020.

The current season had fans wondering if this season would be the final curtain call for the reality family. Celebrating its 10th season, the Kardashians have all expressed how unhappy they are due to their lack of privacy.

Kim Kardashian is suffering from anxiety due to being robbed at gunpoint in her hotel room back in 2016. Khloe Kardashian is currently spending more time away from the family because she lives in Cleveland with her boyfriend Tristan Thompson. Kendall and Kylie Jenner both have openly expressed a desire to have their own lives outside of the reality show. So it seemed like a good time to pull the plug.

But according to TMZ, the reality family has signed a package deal with E! They have signed up for five additional cycles which is equivalent to five seasons. With this new deal, the family will walk away with $30 million dollars per season. Sources have reported the family will decide how the money is divided.

And if you thought they may have run out of things to talk about, both Kim and Kylie are expecting—Kim with husband, Kanye West, and Kylie with Travis Scott.

Meanwhile, Blac Chyna is suing the family for allegedly getting her reality show canceled and Rob is.... well, still Rob.


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