We're lucky enough here in Idaho to have part of Yellowstone National Park right in our backyard. National Parks offer the chance to experience natural outdoor beauty first-hand but not without the price of a little risk and challenge. Even the most experienced of hikers and explorers can suffer tragic accidents if they aren’t focused on their surroundings.

Yellowstone attracts the second most amount of visitors. In fact, 3 million people came through the park in 2020 alone which is why it's so important to be informed of some of the most common ways people encounter death in Yellowstone. From falling trees to attacks from wildlife, there's a whole list of ways to possibly die in a national park. However you might be surprised by the top causes of death in Yellowstone National Park.

A Freedom of Information Act was recently submitted to the National Park Service to uncover which parks were the most deadly and what the most common causes of death were. Since 2010, Yellowstone has recorded 52 deaths. Motor vehicle crashes are actually one of the main causes of death in Yellowstone. The surrounding stunning views and wildlife are enough to distract drivers on the congested highways. Visitors are advised beforehand to always expect delays and to drive cautiously.

When it comes down to man vs nature though, the park’s geothermal attractions are a cause of over 20 park visitor deaths according to the park’s principal geologist, Hank Heasler. Getting into or falling into any geothermal waters could lead to third degree burns or even death. Some people lose awareness of their surroundings and may not even realize where they are. Pay attention to signage in the area warning you when a geothermal attraction is nearby. Swimming or soaking in hot springs is obviously prohibited. Stay on the boardwalks and designated trails at all times and don't let children or pets run off.

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