There’s no doubt Boise is growing, and as the growth continues it’s almost a certainty that traveling on the Treasure Valley roadways will continue to get more frustrating. I remember not too long ago; you could make the drive from Glenwood and State to downtown in 10-15 minutes. Now, you’re easily looking at 25-35 depending on what time of day it is. Whether its construction, traffic, or just motorists themselves, driving in Boise can be frustrating. But what is the most frustrating place to drive in Boise?

I saw this post from Reddit user: UsamaBinNoddin:

WHY DOES EVERYONE GO 30MPH DOWN EAGLE ROAD? Seriously people. It is 40mph from State Street to the Boise River, and then it is 55 miles per hour from the river until Fairview. From Fairview until Overland it is 50mph and from overland to the end of South Eagle Road it is 40mph. So there is no need to go 30mph.
No one can ever go the damn speed limit. It TRULY grinds my damn gears.

I understand his frustration; I avoid Eagle Road at all costs. I can't stand the combination of traffic and stoplights every intersection. Michelle Heart sits in the cubical across from me, and she said: “the flying Y by far.”

So what do you think? What is the most frustrating road to drive in the Treasure Valley?

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