Do you remember the commercials that showed and egg frying in a pan? The announcer said something like "this is your brain, and this is your brain on drugs"  after the egg began to fry... then the announcer wrapped it up with, The brain is a terrible thing to waste. I agree with that statement, however I also agree with this statement... "The brain is a terrible thing when it has too much time to think". The pandemic has given most of us too much time to think and google things we would normally not google. Zippia recently brought these to light and to say the least... I doubt we're gonna be proud of ourselves. We may laugh at ourselves but we're definitely not gonna be proud. Idaho's most popular google search during quarantine is " Delete Facebook"... told ya! See what the rest of the country has been googling while we've been scheming to end facebook.

The Most Interesting Thing Each State Is Quarantine-Googling - Zippia


Most Fun Findings

  • How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?”, Oh Louisiana, if you have to ask…
  • While New Jersey residents are trying to prep for virtual interviews, Floridians are just trying to catch some Zzzz’s at work
  • Check on Utah, they’re really worried about the Dr. Pepper shortage
  • In Tennessee they really like Cracker Barrel apparently. So much so, they were searching for “Cracker Barrel Alcohol” more than anyone else
  • People are trying to salvage their summer- with Arizonians looking for Staycation ideas and Iowans making the best of pool shortages with stock tank pools. Meanwhile, North Carolinians just want refunds for their cruises!
  • More people in Colorado may be quitting drinking, but judging by the Vodka pops, frose, and Mike’s Hard Lemonades, a lot of people are doing the opposite
  • Poor Ohio is trying to cover up their dark roots and how to dye their hair blonde at home
  • South Dakota is over quarantine and maybe the US, too? Or at least they’re trying to find out “How To Move To Canada” the most. Considering they also are the #1 searches of “mayo recipes,” maybe that’s what they’re fleeing
  • Building chicken coops, DIY patios, and hammocks- yards are in!
  • Now is the time for comfort food: Grilled cheese (Virginia), hot wings (Wyoming), chicken nuggets (Oklahoma), pizza (Alaska), and Chinese food (Rhode Island) is what the people want
  • Stop killing your plants, Pennsylvania!

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