Now that the #TidePodChallenge is winding down it's time for a new challenge to take the country by storm. I saw a tweet that said, "since anybody will do anything with a hashtag attached maybe we should start the #FinishCollege challenge or #RaiseYourKidsToBeNicePeople challenge." To that point, the #SpendTheEntireDayWithYourChild challenge was born.

But don't you spend the entire day with your child anyways? Well, yes. But far too often, especially on the weekends, I get in the "I need to re-coup" mindset. I quickly take offers from grandparents to watch my little one. That's not wrong, but I wanted to create something special. A planned "day" with my daughter full of exciting activities.

The rules are simple, to complete the challenge you must spend every moment of the day with your child. The point is not to just be with them, but to give them your full attention while posting an obnoxious amount of pictures on social media.

We started our day at the skate park.

Then the "real park".

Time to re-fill at Tree City

A little bit of lite reading

And a straw blowing contest with dad

Down to the Nature Walk to learn about fish.

And to finish the day, Ice Cream!

So who's next? I challenge all Treasure Valley dad's to attempt the #SpendTheDayWithYourChallenge