Hey kids, did you know lots of folks from California have been relocating to Boise in recent years?

If you somehow didn't hear that, then you definitely aren't on any type of social media, because it's pretty much all anyone from Idaho talks about. Yes, some people from California are moving to Boise to start a new life, and yes, we have numbers to back it up.

But exactly how many Californians will be packing their sunny things up and moving to the City of Trees in 2023? Let's do the math.

Now, we clearly can't get an exact number of Californians moving to Boise this year, but thanks to years' past, we can crunch some numbers and get an idea.

In 2019, 7,900 people moved from California to Boise.

In 2020, 10,000 people moved from California to Boise.

That puts us around a 20ish % increase in Californians migrating each year. Meaning, in 2023, you can expect around 15,000 people from the Sunshine State to change their zip code to Boise.



Some Californians have a word of advice.. 



A Former Californian's Advice to Californians Moving to Idaho

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Surprised? Did you think it was going to be less people, or even more? Let's connect.

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