Let’s be honest, this season of The Bachelor is far from entertaining. It’s boring and definitely not “the most dramatic season of The Bachelor yet” as our boy, Chris Harrison would say. But, don’t worry we are here to save you! Here is The Official Bachelor: Season 22 Drinking Game that will help you get through your Monday nights. Grab a beer or some wine and get drinking! Oh and you might want to keep some tequila nearby for those *extra special* Bachelor moments. Happy drinking, Bachelor Nation!


Drink when:

Someone cries

Someone says “here for the wrong reasons”

Someone makes a joke or mentions racecar driving

Krystal steals Arie

There’s a flashback scene

A live musician performs

There’s a plane or boat on a date

Someone mentions they do real estate

There’s an awkward silence

Arie makes out with someone

A contestant talks about “how much they gave up” to be here

Chris Harrison mentions sort variation of “The most dramatic season of the Bachelor yet”


Take Two Drinks When:

Emily Maynard or her season is mentioned

A previous Bachelorette or Bachelor contestant comes on screen

There’s a jacuzzi

Someone mentions their kids or ex

Someone says they are ready to “find that special someone”

Chris Harrison has to console a crying contestant

A contestant says she has “mostly guy friends because she doesn’t like drama”


Finish Your Drink When:

Some variation of “My wife could be in this room”

Chris Harrison announces the final rose of the night

Someone reads Arie a love note, song, or poem they wrote

A contestant says they “aren’t here to make friends”

The two-on-one date finally begins


Take a Shot If:

An ambulance gets called

Someone gets dumped/sent home before the rose ceremony

A contestant’s ex-lover shows up


Hopefully, you all make it to the final rose ceremony. But, even if you don’t this should at least make Krystal’s voice a little more bearable. CHEERS!

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