**Click Play and start this playlist** Get it? Got it? Good.

**Clear your calendar for Friday, August 26th** Get it? Got it? Good.

Summer 2016.  It's been great so far...but it's only going to get better. 103.5 KISS FM is throwing THE party of the summer in Jackpot at Cactus Petes.

If you're 21 or older, you're approved to hop on our party bus and roll down to the pool.

  • Drinks? Check!
  • Swimsuits? Check!
  • DJ? Check!
  • BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE? Well....you better make it a CHECK!

I want to see ALL of you on the party bus and at the pool.  For just $103, you and a friend get food, travel, and an overnight stay to the party of the summer. Chris Cruise, Tawsha Box, Michelle Heart, Kekeluv and I will ALL be there partying.

Pack your bags for an overnight adventure. What happens in Jackpot STAYS in Jackpot.  Oh, and here's a playlist to get you ready.  Click HERE for tickets.

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