The last thing I wanna do is throw shade at local establishments in our community. I don't think it's necessarily fair sometimes because you never know the circumstance. All that said I've been extremely disappointed in the misdiagnosed situations we've come across.

I had an event on Saturday and made a quick exit when I was done for an urgent care facility by our house. They have been wrong so many times that I was surprised we just didn't go to the emergency room. We gave it another chance on Saturday and they blew it.

My daughter is getting over a virus and has broken out everywhere with a rash. We even thought there was a potential for measles even though she's up to date on her vaccinations. They gave her some Benadryl and said everything else looked great. My wife doesn't really trust anyone anymore based upon the number of times you was correct over a doctor. I watched my wife demand a strep test when the doctor said it wasn't. This guy looked down her throat and said it was fine. When the doctor left the room my wife looked and was pissed. She pleaded to look in his throat because it was blotched with red spots, white patches, and extremely unsafe temperature. The doctor was rude, looked again and surprise. This guy didn't even have the guts to tell my wife. He sent in another person.

I could go on like the time my son had a bowel obstruction and was rushed into surgery because the on-call doctor neglected to take it seriously enough. We had to demand a surgeon take a look (on the advice of a family friend who works in the field). Lennox was rushed into surgery before it bursts. I could go on but I think you might understand why my wife is hesitant when she can't get a real answer.

We got home and I knew we would be leaving minutes after because she wasn't satisfied. Mother's intuition told her something was still wrong. My wife messaged our pediatrician and this guy is best. I won't mention his name in this situation due to any type of conflict of interests. He suggested a new clinic that opened up off Eagle road that is the only urgent care with a focus on pediatrics.

We darted over, checked in, and was out less than 15 minutes total. I believe the doctor was Katie Weller. She might be the nurse practitioner so I'm not exactly sure which one of the ladies took care of us. She looked into Leo's ear and said, "Ouch! This girl has a bad ear infection." She prescribed an antibiotic, gave us some great advice and sent us to pick up the prescription. It was that damn quick. She didn't have any doubts.

This might not seem like a big deal to a person without kids or someone who had never had problems. If you're a parent you will understand. It's so frustrating getting false or no information. My wife and I were so relieved. This could have gone really bad for Leo if this was left untreated all because someone didn't take the time to properly care for our baby.

Thanks to our pediatrician taking time out on his Saturday, we found the right place. I mean this guy asked for photos so he could properly give us the correct advice. Who does that on their weekend?

I'm writing a blog to say thank you and make parents aware of the new Pediatric Urgent Care on Eagle Road. I know we all have our own experiences but this was ours. Thanks to everyone that made us feel comfortable and this facility is definitely family-friendly. My son would have stayed there playing in the kiddo kitchen all night. They have enormous televisions play Disney and worked out great.

I could go on and on about the great medical teams that have saved the day for us. I absolutely adore them all. Unfortunately, we've had plenty of experience with good and bad. Saturday was an example of both. This isn't a sponsored post and I'm not getting paid to mention this Pediatric Urgent Care. I'm writing this for parents. The more resources to help our children the better.

Thanks again ❤️

  • Primary Health Pediatric Urgent Care
  • Located by Rc Willey on Eagle Road.
  • Open 7 days a week till 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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