No, The Bates Motel in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho is not the same motel made famous by the classic horror story, Psycho. It actually existed even way before Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 thriller movie came out. Although, Idaho's Bates Motel does have a haunted history of its own.

This Bates Motel located at 2018 Sherman Ave. in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, operates as a real functioning motel with 13 rooms and a manager's unit. It has been one for decades now after a prominent local accountant Mr. Randy Bates, purchased what was then called the Roadway Inn. Before that, the property served as barracks for officers before and after World War II.

According to, there are rumors that the author of Psycho, Robert Bloch, stayed in the hotel in the 1950s. Perhaps Bloch had a haunting stay of his own and was inspired to pen the classic story.

Paranormal activity has been reported by guests and employees of the motel with most of the ghostly action happening in rooms 1 and 3. Everything from feelings of being watched, sudden cold sensations, items moving on their own, and lights flicking on and off by themselves has been reported.

Even though the Bates Motel was around and operating under the same name, the movie Pysco did not film on location. Neither did the remake. Another movie did however in the 1980s and the movie’s production crew put up the now-famous sign and left it when production wrapped up. This, and of course the release of Hitchcock's film has attracted more visitors to the motel over the years. 

Can these paranormal experiences be justified or does the infamous name play a role in what guests have reported? If you want to find out for yourself, rooms start at just $49 a night. It's also recently been renamed as The Lighthouse for googling and booking purposes.

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