Sure a few local coffee places have had Pumpkin Spice back since the school year started.  McDonald's kicked off this week with their version on Monday.  But there's only one PSL that has it's own Twitter account!

Starbucks is probably the coffee shop best known for the Pumpkin Spice Latte. In fact it's so well known that the coffee giant created the popular fall beverage it's own Twitter account last year.  This year, it's reaching out to fans on Facebook Messenger.

I was super excited to see the Twitter account active last week for the first since last Halloween but The Real PSL has been cheeky about it's actual return date!

Well, it's back at at least one Treasure Valley Starbucks! This sign was sitting outside the drive through of the Boise Ave location in South East Boise this morning and now I'm enjoying my first PSL of the season! Super star 103.5 KISS FM listener Sarah Peltier tells me it's back at the Franklin and Milwaukee location too!

Michelle Heart/TSM Boise
Michelle Heart/TSM Boise


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