Since the 2020 elections, there have been a plethora of lawsuits. Voting machine companies suing lawyers. Politicians suing states. Counter-lawsuits. It's dizzying.

With this particular lawsuit in question, it's much more specific and oddly...less expensive.

A little backstory. During and after the 2020 election, My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell went on a tirade. Following in Donald Trump's footsteps, Lindell claimed the election was "rigged" and "stolen," and has been doubling down on those claims ever since.

So why is the state of Idaho stepping in? Basically, because Lindell is telling fibs, and the Gem State isn't standing for it. Idaho's Secretaries of State released a letter explaining exactly what's going down. In said letter, they've asked Lindell: promptly remove all false statements about Idaho’s elections from your website, and refrain from making similar statements in the future.

They're suing Lindell for a whopping $6,500 to "Cover the money spent refuting the claims" made by Lindell. We're not sure if the small amount of money is factual, or if it's a petty amount just to make a point. Either way, it's a real lawsuit that Lindell will actually have to face in the future.

So, what do you do if you, like Lindell, believe the election was stolen and voter fraud was rampant? May this writer humbly suggest not posting wildly false claims attacking entire states. Also, try to stay away from seeing any company that makes voting machines. Those suits have been falling in the billions of dollars, and it's strongly suggested those be avoided at all costs.

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