It's fair to say that homes here in the Treasure Valley are relatively festive. During various seasons, if you find yourself driving around town (especially during Christmas time) you're going to spot lots of yard and home decor. Many of these include different colored lights!

If you didn't know--not every colored light is festive. It's important that Idaho residents be on the lookout for some lights that may be trying to say something to passers by.

Do you know the meanings behind these porch light colors?

7 Porch Light Colors Every Idahoan Needs To Be Aware Of

Driving or strolling when the sun goes down? You will want to know why some homes don't always have "regular" lights out front

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Have you ever spotted these around Idaho? 

We have spotted some of these, for sure! It's funny, everyone has an idea or a rumored reason for some colored lights but after we looked into this further, it became clear that there are well-known and widely excepted meanings behind them.

Especially during war time, with such a large military presence here in Idaho, you may recall seeing many green lights around town.

We love the concept of turning on lights to support groups, public servants, and even causes around town. It's a subtle way to show unity and support in our unique community. With all of the fancy light bulbs that are now available in stores--you could control these colors from your phone if you really wanted to! What a time to be alive!

Next time you're out and about--keep an eye out for colored porch lights! Let us know if we missed any colors.

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