Nothing is sure but death and taxes. Isn't that saying so comforting? It panics me every time I hear it. Traditionally, tax day falls on April 15th. This year the date has changed giving you a little bit longer to file.

April 15th is Tax Day every year - except for this year. The 15th falls on a Saurday so the date is pushed back to the first weekday following Tax Day. You would think that filings are due on Monday, April 17th because that's the next weekday but it actually may be a holiday for government employees. This means we don't have to have our taxes filed until April 18.

Taxes have been due on the 15th every single year since the 50's with the exception of a couple of times (back in 2011) where the date was pushed back because of a weekend or holiday.

This means that we will all have three extra days to do our taxes. Count them...three! I think those of us who know we owe something to the IRS are putting our taxes off until the very last minute in the hopes that they will... what, go away? That's what I'm hoping for. Ugh.

See if you can find a time to get in with a tax person or take advantage of the deals on Turbo Tax and get that "ish" under control. It's how I'll be spending my next two weekends. Are you in the same boat?

Just as a summary: Taxes are due on Tuesday, April 18, 2017.

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