The Whole 30 Challenge is designed to make you re-think your relationship with food. The premise is simple. Cut all foods that could potentially negatively affect your body. This includes sugars, processed foods, dairy, grains, legumes and more for 30 days. At the end of the challenge slowly reintroduce food groups slowly back into your diet and see the result.

Week 3 is finally on the books. And things are looking up! The sugar craving monster has gone extinct, and I can feel my body burning clean energy, like a Tesla. The biggest benefit of the challenge, my taste buds have acclimated to real food. Before the challenge, my taste had adapted to the over processed sugary drinks and sweet foods. Going three weeks without, has leveled everything back to normal and I love it.

Week 3 Diet

One thing that's stressed in The Whole 30 is meal prep. The more you prep, the better you will be to resist temptation. The first two weeks, I found myself eating out. Now cooking "and cleaning dishes" have become the norm. Trust me; if you attempt the Whole 30, it does get better. I would also recommend using the correct appliances and tools for cooking. I've bought a veggie slicer, instant pot, air frier and potato fry, maker. Also, brush up on your grilling skills. Nothing tastes better than grilled salmon.

Week 3 Feelings

Overall I feel way better in Week 3. Week 1 was hell; week 2 was better; and week 3, wow, it's incredible how things change. My sleep has improved 100%. I sleep way deeper and have very vivid dreams. I have an abundance of energy. Vegetables fill me up! That has NEVER happened in my life. I've also lost 14 pounds!

Week 3 Temptations

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And though I'm not craving sugar anymore the thought of a cheese pizza or dinner rolls from Texas Roadhouse do creep into my mind.

On to the final week 4.

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