I've been holding off for this blog till right about now 🌮Taco Bell was just in the news about a recall on their seasoned beef in 20+ states. Luckily, Idaho wasn't one of those states and we get to cash in on free tacos this week!

I ended up in the Pacific Northwest after I joined the United States Navy serving four years. I would have stayed longer but I landed a radio job and decided to stay up here. That journey is a much longer blog but some people don't know I'm from Houston, Texas.

That would bring me to this moment because my Houston Astros are headed to the World Series. I remember as a kid crying when the Houston Astros lost in one of the final games leading into the World Series. I loved baseball and always wanted to play professionally. I would sit in the house and throw the ball up against our fireplace and catch it. I remember standing out in the street by myself throwing the ball as high up as I could and catching it. I absolutely loved it! I also can't hit for shit! That's why I'm a radio personality 😂

This week begins the finals baseball games of the year because the World Series is here. Taco Bell is gonna hook all of us up for free. Here's how it works.

is promising to give all of us a free Doritos Locos Tacos when a base is stolen in the World Series. That's it!

The first game begins Tuesday night as my Houston Astros take on the Washington Nationals at 6:08 p.m. on FOX.

Go Locos Tacos El Astros!

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