Last night one of my friends came over and as we were having dinner he stopped and asked "Have you ever broken up with someone right before Valentines Day because they weren't worth the money a gift would cost you ?". It was hilarious and we ended up in a deep and serious conversation but at the end of the day my recommendation was to get her something small. After all maybe they will end up growing together over time and I will be the person that encouraged them to stay together. I did share this list of things to NOT get his Valentine and now I'm gonna share it with you. Read it and laugh or just be grateful that you were not on the receiving end of one of these gifts.

 Jumper cables.

“When I was a kid, my dad gave my mom a set of jumper cables for Valentine’s Day.” As it turns out the story has a happy ending. “He was in the doghouse for a couple of nights, but about a week later her battery dies and dad was a hero again.” (via Reddit user Soon2Barmn)

An oversized tank top.

You know, the ones once known by the horribly offensive moniker "wife beater? It was meant to be used as a dress, I kid you not!" (via reader Silvia Rodríguez)

Dental hygiene products.

tongue scraper as a Valentine’s Day gift? There are endless things to do together that don’t involve removing “tongue fur.” Eww.

A hair trimmer and photocopied card.

"My dad got my mum a hair trimmer set and photocopied her card she got him one year. They celebrate their 25th anniversary this year so maybe it's a good one." (via Reddit user UnofficialKing)

E-Z Divorce

"Not quite the gift I had in mind for my first Valentine's Day." (via Reddit user SSJWiggy)

An empty box of chocolates.

"He told me that he bought it, and there was coconut in all of them (there never is), and that he had to eat them to keep me from having an allergic reaction (I'm allergic to coconut). So really, he said, 'for Valentine's Day I saved your life.' It didn't last long after that." (via reader Lindsey R.)


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