The Internet exploded last night (Feb. 26) with one simple photo of a dress that some see as either white and gold or blue and black. (Or for those of us who are convinced that a crazed wizard has put some kind of evil spell on our eyes, it changes from white and gold to blue and black.) And while you frantically throw your phone at anyone near you screaming how on earth someone can see black in the dress, celebs all across social media have weighed in on the sorcery, too.

Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff are hardcore #TeamBlueAndBlack:

And so is Demi Lovato:

Lucy Hale knows the sorcery of which we speak:

Lady Gaga and James Franco are getting insanely specific with their color choices:

It's dividing up the Kimye household (who will get baby North in the divorce?!)

It's tearing friends apart:

Anna Kendrick is #TeamWhiteAndGold:

And Ariana Grande is just over the whole thing:

While there are compelling arguments (aka all-caps freak outs) from each side, it seems like most celebs are split right down the middle. What colors do you see? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Will we ever figure out a definitive answer?!

Cast your vote in the poll below! (#TeamChangingColors for the win.)

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