For most couples, divorce is the furthest thing from their mind as they walk down the aisle. It’s one of the first steps into your happily ever fairytale.

Unfortunately, life is nowhere near as easy as it is in storybooks and sometimes things just don’t work out. Certainly, the pandemic put more strain on relationships as couples had to face situations they would have never dreamed possible when exchanging “I dos” years ago. While some were able to navigate their way through it and benefitted from easier access to marriage counseling through virtual sessions, others cracked.

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Divorce is never easy, but if you’ve ultimately decided it’s the best thing for all parties involved, do you know what it takes to get divorced in Idaho? According to, Idaho is the fourth quickest divorce state in the country. To get divorced, the plaintiff only needs to have a permanent residence in Idaho for six weeks before preceding with the request to divorce their spouse. From there’s a 21 day waiting period for taking the next steps.

We’re both a no-fault and fault divorce state. No-fault means you don’t have to prove that you need to prove that your spouse did anything wrong. Fault means you’ll need to prove your spouse did something that falls under one of Idaho’s “causes for divorce” and that’s why you’re choosing to file.

So what are Idaho’s legal “causes for divorce?” There’s a section of the Idaho Code that spells it out pretty plainly.

These Are the 9 Legal Grounds For Divorce in the State of Idaho

Going through a divorce can be traumatic for all parties involved. If you plan on moving forward with the decision, these are the nine legal causes as divorced laid out in the Idaho Code.

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