If there is one thing that nobody wants to get in between if they know what is good for them, it is coffee and the coffee drinker. Especially it it's early in the morning before the work day. The tension, the drama, and anger than can arise from coffee depravity is REAL and here in the Treasure Valley, a certain "anger" is percolating, if you will.

Even though we aren't in Seattle, folks here in Idaho LOVE their Starbucks coffee. Drive by any location and you will see a line at just about any time of the day--especially in the mornings.

By the way, one of the greatest Starbucks locations in the entire country is actually right here in Sun Valley, Idaho. 

The Stunning Sun Valley Starbucks

Now while you may be used to seeing lines at all local Starbucks locations, there are a couple of locations that you may not be seeing anyone at. According to folks online, they're closed. 

As you can see from the photo posted below and shared via a local user on Boise's reddit page, the location on Cole and Fairview here in Boise is closed because there's nobody to work there:

Credit: u/instantlo via r/Boise reddit.com
Credit: u/instantlo via r/Boise reddit.com

Is this a trend that is happening here in the Treasure Valley and beyond? We keep hearing that the food and beverage industry is struggling to hire or keep fully staffed--it seems that Starbucks is not exempt.

Just a day later, one Boise reddit user shared that another location was impacted by staffing issues, this time it was the location on State Street and Marketplace.

"This seems like a fail on the part of the company" the user wrote.

Other users chimed in with similar comments for the local Wendy's chain locations--so perhaps Starbucks isn't alone. We just don't think a lack of Wendy's will make consumers as grumpy as a lack of coffee for the morning crowds--although, we've been wrong before.

As for that posted note, the Original Poster of the photo said that a local employee reached out to them, anonymously, to share that the note was NOT left by staff but rather by a patron. The employee shared that the location was closed due to a staffing shortage and COVID-19 exposure.

Have any of your routines been impacted by closures or hour changes due to the pandemic? If so, share which ones in the comments!


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