You've read our articles. You know we absolutely adore Boise and the entire Treasure Valley. This is why we're so excited to celebrate Boise's diversity and find out where some of our amazing residents come from!

Across the U.S., around 14% of Americans are immigrants. Boise's population is slightly less diverse, but we still have incredible people here from all over the world.

Think you can guess the top five countries that are the biggest source of newcomers to Boise? Luckily, our pals at Stacker have put in the legwork. Let's take a look at the list:

Biggest Sources Of Immigrants To Boise

The City of Trees is home to people from all over the world! Here are the top five countries.

See? We're lucky in Boise to have neighbors from all across the planet. Now, we clearly have people moving here from just the five above countries. Here are a few more places with folks relocating to Boise, Idaho:

  • The United Kingdom
  • Ukraine
  • Vietnam
  • Iraq
  • Germany

When you look around your neighborhood, do you feel like these numbers accurately represent your neighbors? There are obviously certain areas of Boise that are more diverse than others, but we're curious to know your take.

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