The stress of dealing with family, paying for presents, and not talking about politics at the dinner table can be overwhelming.

Don't let the travel drive you even more crazy.

If you're looking to make your life easier when it comes to flying to see friends and family around Christmas, AARP has some go-to tips that'll truly ease your mind:

  • Don't Travel on Peak Days - Airports are always busier, lines are longer, even commuting by train or car will take you longer on these days
  • Make Extra Time - Leave the house earlier, give yourself more time to get ready and to get where you're going
  • Don't Dread the Airport - Airports now are more like mini-malls, with tons of dining and shopping options. Being stuck there isn't as bad as it used to be
  • Check In By Phone - Seriously, it's 2017. Who waits in line to check in for a flight?
  • Ship Gifts - You know that beautiful handmade ornament is going to break in your luggage, and that stuff takes up too much room

You can check out the rest of their tips here. It's worth the read to make your holiday commuting less of a headache.

Happy travels, and Merry Christmas!

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