Real estate is all of the craze in Idaho and especially here in the Treasure Valley.  Of course, if you live in the area, you already know that. Whether it's from the constant news coverage on the cost of living, the dozens of real estate postings that are always floating around social media, or perhaps it's just your own experience trying to navigate how you can buy in this impossible market.

With housing so hot in the area-- what's going on in Meridian, where this abandoned house is like something out of Grand Theft Auto or Breaking Bad?

We can across this "online tour" of the place--and before we share what we allegedly know about the property, check out the insides of this thing.

Here's a look at the inside of this random, mysterious house that has turned into a late night party spot (which isn't legal, by the way) for some: 

Inside Meridian's Abandoned Party House

It's like something out of Breaking Bad...what is going on with this home!?

There's nothing wrong with this home--so how did it end up like this? 

While we don't know the source of all of this information, the YouTube user seems to have the scoop.

The 7 acre lot is home to this house which was built in 1984 and bought a year later for just $125,000!  According to the user, in 2018 there were folks living in the house and the property was up to a whopping half-million dollars in value! Now, 4-years have passed and the place is abandoned, empty, and vandalized--the user claims the land is worth $750,000!

What would lead to something like this? Perhaps a bad market displaced its owners? The house is most certainly going to be demolished at this point and sold for the plot of land...that big yellow digger out front might indicate the future of the place.

Get the virtual tour for yourself, below:

This abandoned party house is really something--but there are more fascinating abandoned places in Idaho, too: 

Inside Meridian's Abandoned Party House

It's like something out of Breaking Bad...what is going on with this home!?

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