Aside from being a very magical area of the United States, there really are, believe it or not, many differences between Boise, Idaho and Harry Potter's Magical World of Hogwarts.

Why would we try and draw that parallel? Well, at Hogwarts, all sorts of animals are allowed and here in Idaho, there are far more restrictions.

Recently, the Idaho State police rescuced an animal on the freeway that was SO adorable and we aren't sure if it was a wild creature--or maybe an adorable pet. If you're looking to own a pet in Idaho--here are so that are NOT allowed... 

12 Pets You CANNOT Own in the City of Boise

While we doubt that this pet was a runaway from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, there's always a chance, right? 

As reported by the Idaho State Police Department, Great Horned Owls are common in the State of Idaho and just a couple of weeks ago, Idaho State Police Sergeant Crapo spotted a Nampa owl in distress! The owl appeared to be stuck in some sort of towel or plastic on the side of the road.

As heavy traffic was zooming along I-84, Sergeant Crapo tracked down the owl and waited patiently with the little creature while some folks with Animals in Distress made their way to the scene. Eventually, the adorable owl was rescued from I-84 in Nampa of all places.

KEEP SCROLLING to see photos of this sweet owl, below!

Idaho State Police Save Horned Owl

Idaho State Police saved an adorable owl on I-84 in Nampa just a few weeks ago!

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