Do you remember the time when you discovered something or someone shared something with you that blew your mind? This is one of those times. I've always heard politicians talking about the high cost of prescription drugs and the need to regulate the industry in order to make healthcare and the associated medicines affordable.

A few weeks ago, I got a stye in my eye since it wouldn't go away, 7 days later I finally made a doctors appointment. The doc gave me a prescription and this is where the fun started. I went to the pharmacy and and paid $54 for 7 pills. I was shocked and was sure they had made a mistake, after checking with my insurance it turns out they were correct. What a rip off, it was ridiculous, can you imagine if that was a medicine that I had to take for more than 7 days?

Fast forward to yesterday when I had to go back to that same doctor and this time he prescribed a different medicine. I lost my mind when the cashier said "that will be $85" I refused to pay for it and left. This morning I was telling a co-worker the story and he said " You should try Good rx". I had no idea that this app existed, but all of a sudden the price of my medication went from $85 to $42 at the same pharmacy!

This app will save Idahoans hundreds on prescriptions. I downloaded it, created an account using only my phone number and typed in the name of the medicine. It instantly gave me the discounted price and a coupon to buy the medicine at every major pharmacy in my area. Oh did I mention that the price was at least 50% off the original. I'm blown away and relieved at the same time. If you don't have this app yet, what are you waiting for.

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