In Boise, it's Blue & Orange or nothing. Sure, there are plenty of Vandal fans around town but even when times are tough for Boise State athletics, it's Blue and Orange that dominate the scene.

The same could be said for Denver, where the blue and orange Broncos of the NFL caliber are all of the hype.

What are the odds that these two worlds combine? Totally serendipitous. These days, it's reality.

We don't have to tell you about the struggles of Boise State football that have been going on but unless you love the NFL, you may not know about the "Bronco Blues" in Denver. For $49 million per year, Russel Wilson, formerly of the Seattle Seahawks, quarterbacks for these Broncos. Wilson is a household name for football fans whether you love him or not and given the Broncos are rivals of the Seahawks, there's a lot of passion behind his first year on the team.

Plot twist: he isn't playing great.

So if Wilson isn't making the cut, who steps in? Well--former Boise State quarterback and current second string for the Denver Broncos: Brett Rypien.

Rypien was no Kellen Moore, but in a time where Boise State is ironically enough having quarterback woes, fans remember well how reliable Rypien was on the field. Even Denver's coaches have said that when his "footwork" is on point, he's among the most efficient quarterbacks in the league.

Boise State fans just love seeing alumni go on to the big stage--NFL fans in Denver just want a good quarterback and they're begging to give Rypien a shot at the job.

Here's just a sample of the drama, as the internet hypes up the former Boise State Bronco: 






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