Here in the Treasure Valley, if we aren't talking about dogs, craft beer, hiking, or COVID-- it seems we're talking about the real estate market. Yes, it's the hottest topic in Boise and when it comes to what we're known for, lately, it has really been the housing market. Over the past few months, all sorts of national publications and even national television broadcasts have made their way to the Treasure Valley just to see what exactly is going on.

It's booming, to say the least.

Having grown up here in the Treasure Valley myself, it's almost far too intimidating to even think about the price of buying a home in our area. Everyone keeps saying that eventually the price bubble will pop but there's no sign of that in sight.

Now, I jokingly call this housing market in Boise: "House Porn".

There are so many impressive homes going up in our area--even if we can't afford them, we sure do like to marvel at them.

A recent addition to the Boise housing market that immediately caught my eye was this listing in South Boise--a home that EVERY person who loves to own or work on cars needs to take a close look at.

Interested in seeing what I'm talking about? Check out these photos, below. It may not look like car heaven from the outside--but once you get inside...

Every Boise Car Person's Dream Home

If you love cars and find yourself searching for the perfect modern home to store them--this property might just be the one for you. Boise loves their cars!

An ENTIRE car list in the RV garage? You can change your own oil, be your own mechanic, or lift up that collectible car you've been storing in the back yard and park your daily driver underneath it. 

Credit: Lemp Real Estate
Credit: Lemp Real Estate

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